Wednesday, August 10


  • Surprisingly, I got SOOOOO many compliments on my twists. Who would of thunk. I guess they look much better in person.
  • I started taking Garlic Vitamins. After I saw all that hair I shedded after taking my braids out, I was like, "I HAVE to get this under control!!!"
  • My aunt is coming down to visit soon..yaaaaay...and I need to find her a good professional flat iron...I'm thinking a Chi (do they have any with heat control?) , Sedu or FHI. Any Suggestions ? She's natural
  • I also have to cut my Dad's hair soon and buy him some new clippers. Yes, Ms.D is a jack of all hair trades...but my Mens hair cutting skills are not that great. Practice makes perfect!
  • I'm 13.5 weeks post come the transitioning thoughts!!!!
  • Check out the poll on the left side of my blog....can you believe Relaxed Heads are the MINORITY?!?! 
  • People Keep asking me when will I wear my hair out....In due time my due time! I'm on a hard core grow my hair out/protect my ends personal challenge. Once I reach my final goal, thick BSB or BSL, my hair will be out and "swanging" almost every day(well not
  • I have an extreme tail that goes past my shoulder blade in the back while the rest of my hair is a little past APL. Am I going to cut that tail...Heck Naw! I'm hoping the rest will catch up by year end
  • I am tempted to cut off like 2 inches of my hair because my ends seem really thin, but I will wait until December to do that big chop(If necessary) and do a mini trim along the way
  • I can't say this enough, but thank you allllll for stopping by my blog :-D

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