Wednesday, August 17

Tips to Avoid a Big Trim

Some people are able to go long periods of time without trimming their hair while maintaining nice ends.
I believe in order to do so, the below tips should be taken into consideration.

1.) Get rid of any Damaged/Split Ends- If you plan on extending the your trims, you should start off with fresh healthy ends. So I suggest starting off with a nice trim.

2.) Deep Condition Regularly- The causes of split ends vary, but one major culprit is dry hair. Keeping up with your Deep Conditioning Treatments will help keep your hair hydrated.

3.) Moisturize Hair/Ends as Needed- This goes with the above. I know you hear this all the time, but your hair is like a plant. Now you know how a plant looks when it hasn't been watered for a while. So keep your hair moisturized at all times.

4.) DUST or Search & Destroy- Now I strongly believe that even if you don't TRIM, dusting should be done in between. With the ends being the oldest part of our hair, some damage is expected, regardless how well we treat our hair. A dust should be about 1/4 of an inch all around.
You should also look at the ends and if you see any split ends, cut above the split end.

5.) Use Good Quality Hair Shears- You're better of not dusting/trimming your hair at all if you are using dull shears. Invest in a good pair of hair shears and use those only for your hair.  

6.) Minimize Direct Heat- Direct heat such as blow-drying and flat-ironing depletes moisture from our hair and can result in slight damage if done too often. With that being said, reducing the amount of direct heat on our hair, will keep our strands strong and healthy. If you do use heat, as always, use a heat protectant or a serum before doing so.

More tips coming soon.....


  1. great tips, i used to dust once every week, i was actually addicted to dusting lol.

  2. Thanks!
    Wow, once a week....I bet your ends look great!


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