Tuesday, August 30

Update- My Hair

So..I went ahead and relaxed my hair this past weekend (16 weeks post relaxer) and once again was left underprocessed(not texlaxed). I swear I'm starting to think my hair is getting too strong for these relaxers!(blame it on the biotin and not using heat AT all)  Total smoothing and application time was 27 minutes which is a little over the recommended time and the relaxer still didn't take well.
 I was contemplating going to a stylist from way back when to do a corrective when I'm 8 weeks post...but I'll see how it goes. I'm kind of used to this underprocessing thing and my hair has gotten thicker because of it.
The last 4 months of the year, I am going extremely "hard" with my haircare because this is the LAST year I actively grow my hair out...so waiting for a touch-up may not be difficult for me since I will be in protective styles.
I think I MAY flat-iron my hair in October (if I don't get a touch-up) for a length check, so we'll have to wait until then for pics.

Okay...so I Lost almost NO hair during this relaxer process and I think it's because of these 3 things:

1.) After Neutralizing with the Shampoo, I did an Apple Cidar Vinegar rinse to balance the PH levels in my hair.
2.) When Deep Conditioning..I applied Aloe Vera Gel to my scalp only to help decrease shedding
3.) Applied Neutralizer mixed with Hemp Seed Oil to my already relaxed ends before relaxing

So, those additions will remain for my relaxer process.

Sorry...I don't have any pics, but you will see some soon!

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