Thursday, September 1

Another Comparison

Sick of these yet?

This is my hair 9-5-2010 (braid-out...of course)

And this is my hair yesterday

I see a difference..not only in length, but thickness!


  1. Congratulations Ms.D, Keep it up and Good luck to your hair.

  2. Definite difference. Not only in length, but thickness, as well.

  3. Does placing growth oils on scalp and/or hair (like rosemary, vitamin E, johoba and/or castro oil) clog the pores to cause hair to grow much slower?

    1. That's a good question. A lot of oils mentioned are very absorbant and have antiseptic properties. I feel like there are more positive benefits than negative. This is a very interesting question that I will research and post on though.


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