Wednesday, September 14

Pre-Journey Hair

For those of you wondering what my hair looked like before my hair journey, here you go.
I wore braids and weave off and on for like 8-9 years. When I was off the braids and weaves I would relax, then I would "grow" out my relaxer while wearing extensions.
The first pic is when I decided I no longer wanted to hide my hair with extensions. So the relaxer was done on a years worth of growth on natural hair.

May 2007

I got a wash and roller set weekly at the salon and a relaxer touch-up every 8 weeks but I didn't get a trim for at least 10 months.
This is my hair about 9 months later.

February 2008

My hair was obviously extremely thin so in November 2008 I cut my hair to above chin length and May 2009 I started my hair journey.

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