Friday, October 14

Kreativ Blogger Award

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I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Shereen from Wishful Lengths Please check out her blog and show some blog love!
I love these tags because this is a great way for you all to get to know me better since this blog is mostly about and more hair.

Name your favourite song: I have a lot, but one of my favs is Zion by Lauryn Hill
Name your favourite dessert: Cheesecake
What pisses you off: Slow drivers in the fast lane 
When you're upset, you: get real quiet
Your favourite pet: My Cat...well the family Cat..Bookie! She is precious!
Black or white: Black
Your biggest fear: I'd rather not say since I tend to jinx myself
Best feature: Physically, My Smile
Everyday attitude: Go with the flow..and try to make this day better than the last
What is perfection: Being the best person you can be
Guilty pleasure: Sweets. I can eat a box of fruit-by-the-foot in a day

7 random facts about myself

*I get grossed out easily- to the point where I think of what grossed me out and I lose my appetite
*I'm goofy and always laughing
*I love to purchase things online because it gives me something to look forward to!
*I wear contacts daily 
*I look in the mirror like 20 times a day
*I can sleep through just about anything. I am a very heavy sleeper
*I don't like to make new friends...but in random occurrences, I let new people into my life

I do have a few people I would like to award..but I will get to that part maybe tomorrow.

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