Monday, October 24


  • One of my Vendors at work knows that I love all things hair and keeps forwarding me a spam email about Wen Products. I told him it would be nicer if he just sent me the actual products. Of course I laughed and said "just kidding" after...Although I was so serious....I kid, I kid!
  • Doing an Overnight Pre-poo when you are sick is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself. People trust me...never sleep with a plastic cap on your head when you have a HEAD cold! You will sooo regret that in the morning. Lord knows I did when I woke up Saturday AM
  • Speaking of being sick...I still managed to wash, DC and slightly Detangle my hair even though I was sick as a dog. I was tired of staying in bed all day and needed to do something!
  • Still speaking of being sick..I had so many delusional dreams about hair related things. Like in one of them, my Mom bought a whole bunch on Nexxus Products. And I was at her house contemplating whether or not I wanted to "steal" them. LOL. Now I am a grown woman..only in a dream.LOL
  • I want BANGS soooo bad. Come April, when this bet is over...I am so getting bangs.
  • I have been receiving so many compliments on my simple bun. Which makes me wonder how I would look with no hair at all. Because in all honesty..a bun makes me look somewhat bald. Not that I want to go bald..just curious.
  • Speaking of buns..I honestly believe that ANY bun will look nice as long as your eyebrows are polished and you have a nice pair of earrings on.
  • A giveaway is coming soon...just need 101 followers...hint hint!
  • Thank you once again to all of my wonderful, loyal, kind, sweet readers!!! I have received so many nice emails and comments in the last few weeks that put a VERY big smile on my face.  Ya'll should already know how much I appreciate you. :-D

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