Saturday, October 1

Slightly Straightened

If you couldn't tell by my last post..I was getting bored with protective styling. So, I decided to lightly flat-iron my hair (on 285 degrees) to decrease any tangling during the week and maybe do some bantu-knot outs, caruso sets, and even try some flexi-rod curls.

Last night I did my typical pre-poo, wash and air-dry routine and today I flat-ironed my hair.
While air-drying I sprayed some Beyond the Zone- Turn up the Heat, heat protection.
And when my hair was dry I sprayed some Chi Iron Guard.
Because I used the lowest heat setting on my hair isn't bone straight which isn't what I was going for.

I said I wasn't going to do any length checks until December...which I won't.'s just a photo of how the last two rows of my hair look.

Can you see how the sides are soo much shorter then the middle? My goal for December is to grow my sides past least!

 It's a little wavy because I put each section in a loose bun after straightening.


  1. Nice progress! I'm sure you'll reach your December goal :-)

  2. Thank you!!!! :-D
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Question...what do you do with you hair when you air dry. Do you just let it hang or bun? Or wrap it wet? I'm trying to figure out the best way to air dry my own hair. Thank you

  4. @ Anon- I actually did a post on this a while back..see this post....

    But I either have it hanging down while I have a satin scarf wrapped around me. Or if I plan on doing a certain heatless style for the next day...I just do that style (braid-out, bantu-knot out..etc) and let my hair air-dry that way.

  5. Lookin good girl! Don't forget to snap pics of your low mani styles this week!

  6. @ EbonyCPrincess- Thanks!
    I'll I just did a bun


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