Tuesday, November 8


Beware: This post is very scrambled

I have 6 weeks to find/pick a trusted stylist to give me a relaxer touch-up and I'm already nervous!
I am going to a stylist because my last 2 touch-ups, which I did myself, left me with very under-processed hair and I just want to start the year off with evenly processed relaxed hair.

I am VERY picky when it comes to my hair. Even as a child, I learned how to braid and do weave just so I didn't have to rely on anyone else.
I remember my last touch-up done by a stylist in January, I almost knocked the salon owner out and left the salon with my hair soaking wet with neutralizer in it.
A situation like that can NOT happen again and I need to find someone that I am comfortable enough with to relax my hair.

Here's my thing though.....I watch every single move the stylist makes and I am NOT afraid of speaking up which sometimes causes tension. I tend to act like a "Know-it-all", but when it comes to MY hair...at this point, I do KNOW it's likes and dislikes

I will most likely bring all hair products from the relaxer...to the mid-step-protein treatment, neutralizer, deep conditioner.. porosity control...comb and leave-in.
BUT what get's me mad is that I will be charged full price despite the fact that I provide everything.

I see so many women successfully self-relax and I tell myself..."If they can do it, then I can too". But I don't want to take that chance again. Not now at least. Once I get this corrected, I will continue to try..try ..try again. But I just need a fresh start to do so.

If anyone lives in the Boston area and has Salon suggestions,  let me know!  (I won't let them know you sent me there..haha ..just in case things don't work out.) TIA!

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