Tuesday, November 1

October Goals- Recap

Let's see how I did...

  • Drink 80 oz of water daily- This means at least 5 16 oz bottles of water - Nope! I did this for about 2 weeks then went down to about 45 oz daily. I HAVE to do better!
  • Take my vitamins at least 5 times a week (MSM, Biotin, Mulivitamin)- YES!
  • Consume at least 46 grams of protein daily - YES! I have protein shakes that I drink in the AM or I have eggs, then almonds, cheese and crackers or yogurt for snacks..then some form of chicken for dinner!
  • Work out at least 3 times a week- this includes light work-outs- Nope! Fell off the last two weeks of the month
  • Protective Style(even though I'm sick of it) 5 times a week- Yup...my hair is in a bun right now so I will do my Caruso Set this weekend. - YES! I had my hair out the max 3 times this month
  • Apply Sulfur Oil mix to scalp, especially the left and right side 3 times a week - Nope! After I got sick..I just stopped doing this, so I only applied the mix 2 weeks out of the month
  • No purchasing Hair Products or Accessories unless necessary - YES!! And I am so proud of myself!
  • Save at least $300 (excluding 401K savings)- I know this has nothing to do with hair, but if I have a savings goal...it will deter me from purchasing products - YES!!

So let's see...I made 5/8 of my goals! Will I have November goals...hmmm, gotta think about that. I'm starting to think weekly goals may be better for me.

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  1. good job on your goals this month. I failed at my water goal this month as well. Weekly goals sounds like a good idea.

  2. Thanks, Chanel!
    Sometimes it can be soo hard to drink the recommended amount.
    Yeah, I think I'll stick to weekly :-)

  3. You didn't do too bad! I also checked up on my bday goal list recently and although I'm not doing EVERYTHING, small change is still change. Baby steps...

  4. Yeah, I guess 5/8 isn't too bad.
    I remember seeing you bday goal list post (I'm subscribed via email) and that actually inspired me to keep/make goal lists.
    Good luck on reaching your goals!
    I agree..baby steps!


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