Friday, December 30

2012 Hair Goals

Last year I set very unrealistic hair goals for 2011. This year, I decided to keep things short and sweet.

1.) Maintain Healthy Hair with little to no breakage all Year
2.) Grow my edges
3.) Experiment with new styles
Last but not least
4.) DO NOT RELAX MY HAIR (more to come on this)

Yeah, I know...."Another one bites the dust..."


  1. *wahhhhh* that's my crying sound for another relaxed head leaving! lol! CONGRATS!!! I'll be following along intently!

    btw, i seriously adore those combs, gonna post about them soon - thanks for the review!

  2. Hello Miss D and Happy New Year in advance! Wish you the best for 2012!!!!

    Do you plan to become natural within the next 2,5 years ???? OMG, I might follow you ;-))))

  3. @EbonyCPrincess- LOL..I know..I know!
    Thank you, I will be documenting my journey of course.
    I'm glad you like the combs!

    @Sarah- Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!!!

    YES!!! :-D
    I plan on transitioning until I can fit my natural hair into a decent sized ponytail and I estimate that will take 2+ years.
    I'm not changing anything though, I will just simply stop relaxing.

    If you do, that will be great! I will have a transitioning buddy. :-D

    Hope you have a GREAT 2012!!!

  4. I'm happy for you. Good luck with your transition. Like ECP, will also follow your transition intently. I was going somewhat crazy wearing my hair out after taking my braids down.

  5. @LaQT- Thank you!!!
    I know exactly how u feel, I'm pretty sure I'll go straight to PS's once I get as much new-growth you have.


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