Wednesday, December 14

Lazy x 2

I have been SUPER lazy with my hair styling these days.

Lately, I have just been putting my hair in 2 braids...tucking them under and securing with a ponytail holder.
I'm thinking about entering EbonyCPrincess' Roller-Set Challenge but I don't want to commit to anything I can't follow through on. We'll see...I'm straightening my hair either next weekend or the after doing that I should know how I want to proceed with my hair.


  1. You should consider joining the challenge :) The minimum is once a month...which is basically 6 times for the entire challenge. And barely any direct heat too so ur hair will thrive. But of course it's up to u and of course u shouldn't join if you can't commit but give it a thought!

  2. I co-sign Ally! She makes great points! lol. Plus, you're included on the rollersetting tips I now you HAVE to join! ;) jk. Anywhooo, remember lazy can be good and your bun looks big and thick, NICE!

  3. @ Ally- Thanks for your input!
    You and Ebony convinced me...I will join the challenge!

    @ EbonyCPrincess- Refer to above. Thanks for including me in the roller-setting tips post! :-)
    LOL..I'll visit your blog shortly to join. I have magnetic rollers, flexi-rods, caruso rollers and others that I BARELY I think I will actually enjoy this challenge.
    Thanks for the compliment! :-D

  4. It looks like a fun challenge...there are so many challenges out there in blogland but this looks like a fun one!


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