Sunday, January 22

Hey Hey Hey

 I'm back and ready to blog! trip was great! There was a lot of business, but an equal amount of pleasure. I stayed on the resort the whole time except for when we went to the Universal City Walk, which was great! They blocked off a whole floor for my company, but I forgot to take my camera with me(to the City Walk) !!! So, this pic with Bob Marley and I, was all I got.

I know, blurry!!! But it's better than nothing.

View from my room.

Some shots of the resort

On to My Hair

My hair was basically in a bun everyday. When I felt like a change..I would add a braid in front. It was boring, but effective! I didn't moisturize my hair ONCE when I was there. Crazy, right? Everynight, I would just put my hair in a very loose bun, wrap the front then put on a plastic shower cap. My hair was moisturized the WHOLE time!!!

Me relaxing in my room

Because I was away and had no time to wash my hair...I went 2 weeks with-out washing it. So, yesterday I did a wash and set. I like the way roller-setting makes my hair feel so, of course I did another Roller-set.

Look at those edges!

I am 9 weeks post which is when my new growth starts to come in, so I just pull it back in a ponytail or bun after. To be honest with you all, I don't even like wearing my hair down anymore.

I want to cut off the VERY thin portion ASAP!!! In April, it willbe GONE!
That's it for now! I think I finally have time to post stay tuned for some tips and tricks!
I missed blogging!!!!


  1. Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. No pictures? *insert sad face*. And that's great your hair stayed moisturized the entire time. I guess this would be baggying?? But whatever the name I can't seem to do it overnight. I hate waking up to damp hair.

  2. Welcome back. Glad you had fun.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip. You look so beautiful in the pic with your hair slicked back. I see you can't wait to snip your hair off in April, again, I understand.

  4. @Blutiful Blaq- Thanks!! Next time I promise to post more pics.
    Yes, that would be described as "baggying". I don't really do it often because I don't like how my hair feels after although its not damp.

    @Guyanesesista- Thanks!!

    @ LaQt/Ty- Thank you!!! :-D Yeah,that little tail is not cute in my eyes!

  5. You look beautiful! It seems your hair is finally the length you want it to be. I am saying this with a big smile, Are you ready to go natural? Not in a discouraging way though. I think it will be great and educational to watch your transition.

  6. @Back2Front- Thank you!!! :-D
    Yes, my hair is finally at the length I wished for! But I am soo ready for my natural hair to grow longer! Especially after seeing your avatar pic!!!
    I am def. ready to go natural!! No thoughts about relaxing, so I am determined.
    Of course I will document my transitioning journey. I'm only 9 weeks I don't think I will be much help now, but once I reach 4 months..I will document everything!

    Thanks for the usual!

  7. @Ms. D - It will be quite interesting. I wish I had started documenting earlier.


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