Monday, February 20

Search and Destroy

I have been noticing some splits recently,so I decided to "search & destroy".
For those who aren't familiar with the term "search & destroy", it's basically when you examine your ends and cut off split ends only on the strands of hair that have them.
I'm not scheduled for a trim until April and seeing split-ends make me cringe! I will most likely bust out my Split-Ender when I take these twists out because I didn't have a chance to get the back of my hair and I'm sure I missed a lot of splits.
Luckily, the highest I saw a split travel was about __ long. So, for now I will be sure to keep my ends extra moisturized!

*I look a hot mess in that pic...I apologize in advance.*


  1. I've been light-weight S&Ding lately... it's just such a boring task! And I never feel like I got all the splits/damaged ends... even in a small section!!

    1. It sure is a boring task. That's why I only do it when I'm twists and watching something really good on T.V.
      I do believe most people are better off just Dusting the ends.

  2. I wish I knew how to trim my split ends instead of having to rely on on a stylist to do it. You know at times they can get trim/scissor happy.

    *You look just great in the pic!*

    1. I know exactly what you mean about scissor happy stylists! Hopefully you don't have one and they cut only whats necessary!

      Awww thanks, girl!!!!

  3. I've been wanting to do this recently. I just can't take someone else cutting off my progress, a news headline in the making about a customer snapping on a hair stylist. I can't do it. I think I may purchase a split ender. I do not know how to trim my own ends but I know I need to get on a regular schedule until they are healthy again. I have been watching tutorials about trimming to prepare myself when it's time.

  4. Lol! I feel you girl! I think the split ender is a good investment and for a more precise even cut the creaclip may work.....for at home hair-cuts.


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