Wednesday, April 4

Yes, that's my chicken scratch! Typing it just seems so impersonal.

I will be in Canada for Easter to visit my family. My Uncle is a Pastor and we spend almost all of our Easters at his church. It's always like a little family reunion when we go down there since almost all of my Fathers side of the family lives in Canada(all around). I can't wait to see them, but it's bitter sweet because this is the first time we will be there since my Grandmother passed away(R.I.P Granny! 7.8.2011). 

I will be doing a roller-set tonight and I'm thinking about bringing my Caruso Rollers so I can curl my hair for church. If I don't have enough room to pack them, I will just bring my satin rollers and do a braid-and-curl. Still trying to figure that out. 

Anyway..I've been slacking on my posts, but have a few that I will be working on if I have some down time during my trip. 

Talk to you all soon!! :-D

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