Thursday, May 10

"God Bless You"

......Those were the last words the stylist who relaxed my hair in November said to me. (LOL!)

I never spoke about that experience, but it was one of the reasons why I decided relaxers just weren't for me.
Going to a hair-stylist gave me so much anxiety because I was never able to find one who was as knowledgeable(not that I know everything about black hair care, but I study and research like it's a part time job) or gentle with my hair as I was. I know what my hair likes and doesn't like, how to care for my own hair and how to style.
The only thing I was unable to successfully do on my hair was a dang relaxer!!
When I went to that stylist at 12 weeks post, I made sure she coated my pre-relaxed ends, detangled with MY wide tooth comb since hers wasn't wide enough, did the Protein mid-step, and didn't blow-dry and flat-iron my hair after roller-setting(a wrap was fine, I did JUST relax it and didn't need all that heat).
She also told me I should relax every 6 weeks since my hair was soo thick at the roots- Girl, please.

Anyway, she didn't like the fact that I spoke up about how I wanted MY hair to be treated and she felt as if I was insulting her "hair" intelligence. Maybe I was, which I apologized about, but she doesn't have to walk around with MY hair..I do!
At that point, I told myself that I would NEVER and I mean NEVER visit a stylist again.
I don't care if that stylist is highly recommended by Jesus won't see me in his/her chair.

If I don't trust a stylist to relax my hair and I couldn't successfully relax my hair myself....why not just cut out relaxers? And that's exactly what I did, making my hair life so much easier!


  1. Too many stylists come in with the "I'm going to battle your hair" approach, that's why I stay away from them.

  2. I agree with you. Its so hard to find a stylist who will listen to what you want. The best relaxer experience I ever had was with a white stylist who happened to know how to relax hair. She listen to me and my hair concerns, coated my previously relaxed hair with oil and did a fantastic job! One thing I have come to realize is that I looked at the health of the stylist hair and it was usually limp and way too over processed. With that in mind, why would I want them doing my hair? I don't mean to bash stylist because I know they work very hard, but I get frustrated when I am paying so much money for my hair to turn out fried. I finally found a stylist I mother. :o)


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