Wednesday, June 27


* If you follow me on have already seen some of these. 

Because I don't spend much money on hair products, I am able to use the extra money for other things. Recently, the extra money has been used for more nail polishes, hair accessories and jewelry. 

A while back, I made it a goal to do weekly manicures and I did. I now have different color nails every week.
These are my colors for the last month. 
*I never realize the messiness until I take pics. I usually fix it afterwards 

 I've been wearing these headscarves for the last 2 weeks because of the style twists I have. 
Instead of forming the scarf into a bun, I tried something different and made it into a braid, wrapped to the side and tucked it under the back of my scarf

 I recently fell in love bracelets...all kinds. These are just a few that I have. 

 Back to the scarves, this is just my day to night look. 
Don't mind the shininess and the huge spot on my forehead!


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