Tuesday, July 31

Ponytail Hook Alternative

Are you looking for ways to wear a tight(but not too tight), effortless ponytail without having to loop your hair through a ponytail holder? 
Did that ponytail hook freak you out? 

Well, do you remember these ponytail holders that our Mother's used to put in our hair?

Image found on Amazon.com

You can use something similar. 

An ouchless headband!

Image found on Ebay

Just fold the headband in half, wrap it around your ponytail (1-3 times depending on the thickness of your hair) then tie the back. 

Here is a video by  Longhairdontcare2011 ponytail vid  showing that technique. 
** Warning- You may catch a quick case of hair envy while watching**
Skip to 6:15 to see her use the headband

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