Tuesday, September 4

Sick of Twists!

As you all know, I have been wearing twists consistently since April.
I was going to wait until after the Twist/Braid/Bun for growth challenge ended, but I think it's time for a break! It is in fact called the twist/braid/bun challenge, right?

So, for the next week or 2, I will wear my hair in various bun and faux bob styles. 

So far I have been wearing my hair like this:

Pompadour Messy Bun 

High MESSY Bun

Faux Bob

Loose Low Bun

For my night routine, I:

Spritz my hair with a mix of Water/AVJ and  Glycerin
Put my hair in about 7 plaits
Oil the plaits with oil
Wrap my hair


  1. I love your bun styles..I look forward to being able to pull off a proper bun in few months..

    1. Thank you!!! Trust me, it's kind of hard as the new-growth kicks in. But I bet your buns will look beautiful!!! Thanks for the comment :-D

  2. All of the styles are great, but I LOVE that bun!


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