Wednesday, September 5

Things I Have Learned...

....About my Hair This Year! far... 

  • My Hair does NOT like Silicone's- Ever since I completely stopped using hair products that contains cones, my hair has been thriving and retaining moisture better. Because I only clarify once a month, I must only use products that penetrate my hair shaft(such as water, coconut and olive oil, etc) and not coat my hair. I used to get these little short broken hairs all the time, not anymore :-)
  • Less is more - I can honestly say that I finally have a simple regimen and have condensed my products drastically. BUT I am glad that I have tried different methods, techniques, and products because that's what this hair journey is all about...Trial and Error.  I realized that I don't need much for healthy hair though. 
  • My hair LIKES natural products- As said before, I only use natural products on my hair througout the weeks. The only commercial products I use are shampoo and conditioner. Other than that, I stick to shea-butter, coconut, olive, safflower, essential oils, water,glycerin and aloe-vera juice. 
  • My hair is THICK

All this time I was on a quest for thicker hair and the only thing I needed to do was stop relaxing. All this hair under my relaxed ends is overwhelming at times, but I love it! Keep in mind that my relaxed ends have thickened up since the start of my journey, so having relaxed hair does NOT equal thin hair. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the pearls of wisdom you've gleaned!

  2. Girl your hair is coming along so great!

  3. Yes, thick indeed!! So your relaxed hair as thickened up as well? My relaxed hair seems fine. My hair likes light natural products as well. I have been seriously considering purchasing an electronic mixer to start making my own moisturizers.

    1. Thanks! Yes..check out this post

      I just purchased one from family dollar for only $10.

  4. Beautiful! Your hair looks so luscious...


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