Thursday, August 1

Throwback Thursday

Hey Y'all. 
Decided to share some throwback pics from my blog and today is the perfect day to do so. 

Ok, so the first pic was taken in August 2011, the day I took out some single braids I had in. I believe I was about 12-14 weeks post relaxer. 
Back when I was relaxed, I rarely wore my hair straight and just about always wore braid-outs. 
This was after a night of dancing, so don't mind the face. 
And yes...I have a dress on, just can't see it in this pic. 

Now this pic was taken in August 2010. What a difference from 2011. Anyway..this was a bantu-knot out. 
Not sure how many weeks post relaxer I was. 
I know, I look a hot mess. LOL. 

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