Friday, September 6

These Are My Confessions

1.)    The reason why I haven’t tried many “out” styles is because I’m lazy. I cannot envision myself spending more than 2+ hours on my hair unless it’s a protective style that will last 1-6 weeks.

2.)    I haven’t trimmed or dusted my hair since April! :-O I meant to do it before I installed my braids, but never got the chance to. I examined my ends and surprisingly they are in great shape. I will dust soon though

3.)    I hate combing my hair. Ever since I went natural and discovered a thick head of hair, the thought of combing it makes me shudder. I primarily finger detangle and use a comb once every couple of months.

4.)    I still (sometimes) compare my journey to others. :-/ I watch videos on length checks and if we're around the same months post relaxer and they have more length, I get a little sad. But then I look at pictures of my hair and also notice how LONG my face/neck is and feel better.

5.)    The front/center part of my hair grows SUPER slow. My hair in general grows slow! ugh

What are your confessions?

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  1. I haven't trimmed in months either! I just don't feel like spending 2 hours flat ironing my hair.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands


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