Thursday, December 26

Twisted Marley Bun

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 
I redid my twists on Saturday and wanted to try something different. 

Thursday, December 12

HOTW: Twists and Cornrows

Hey Hey Hey! Hope you all are having a great week. 

As you know, I removed my twists on Thursday so my wash day was on Friday/Saturday. 
My hair was loose all Saturday and Sunday. Before sleeping on Saturday, I moisturized/sealed then put each section in bantu-knots. On Sunday, I just wore my hair back in a ponytail.


Saturday, December 7

6 Months Comparison

Hey hey hey. 
Y'all know the best way to see if your hair is progressing is to look at comparisons. 
So, here is mine. 

This is my hair on June 22nd. I removed some twists I had in during the week and just fluffed. 

This is my hair today, December 7th. I removed the braids I air-dried in and fluffed my hair out. 

Friday, December 6

Hair Update

Hey Hey Hey!!!!
Hope you all are doing well!
I just wanted to update you all on my hair. 
So, after having these twists in for 7 weeks, I decided to remove them last night. 
Twists at week 6

This is what my hair looked like after taking them out. I followed the same removal process I have done in the past(check out my braids label for more info or feel free to ask).