Personalized Hair Consultation

If you are looking to grow your hair long, but keep experiencing issues, I want to help! My hair consultation will offer a personal guide to get your hair back on track.  If you are in need of assistance to help grow healthy hair then you came to the right place!

First, I would like to learn more about your hair and the results you would like to achieve. Based on your indicated responses, I will be able to offer a custom solution with detailed advice via email.

You will receive personalized:

  • Regimen Recommendations
  • Styling Recommendations
  • Product Recommendations
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Unlimited Questions before Receiving Recommendations

Cost is only $14.99! Please email me at or with any questions. Payments also available via PayPal & Venmo.  I look forward to helping!

*The form will be emailed directly to me and is completely confidential.