Sunday, June 16

So Twisted

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day!!!

As I have stated many times, to emphasize my hair practices, I wear a protective style during the week(sometimes for two). 

I wore my hair out this weekend and decided to twist it up for the week.

 I typically rotate between braids and twists(which are either small, medium or large) and they are ALWAYS pinned up. 

Because I was feeling lazy today, I did the twists pretty large. 
Well, at first I planned on doing medium sized ones, but after doing one row in the front and back..then seeing how much hair I had left, I said "BUMP THAT"!

It took me a total of 45 minutes to finish and I plan to wear them up like the below picture. I will probably spice it up with some hair accessories or scarves. 

I must admit that I sometimes miss my longer twists, but then I remember that they had BONE straight ends. So of course they look much longer compared to my natural twists that shrink right up. Plus, my hair was in fact about 6-8 inches longer.  :-/
Okay okay..enough reminiscing on the old hair days. As we all know, hair grows. When we cut it and practice healthy hair care, it will grow even longer than it was before. 

Chat with you later! 


  1. Your twists look great and the thickness is awesome

  2. wow those twists are looking might juicy! lol

  3. Your twists really are nice and full! I love your twist updo..that really is a great option. I need to begin playing around with installing twists for the purpose of protective styling vs twist outs. Keep up the great posts!

    1. Thank you!!! I bet your twist outs look really nice. Twists are so easy to do and it doesn't take much to make them look presentable.
      Thank you, I will!

  4. great protective style and your thickness is worth to dieing for !!


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