Thursday, June 19

Taking the Bad with the Good- Natural Hair

I love my hair. I can say that with no hesitation, but there are a few things that sometimes irk my nerves.

For instance:

Not being able to get the same style twice.

I loved my hair like this:

and this:

But no matter what I do, I haven't been able to replicate these styles. Looks rather simple, right? Well for some reason my hair just wont form those shapes again. This usually only applies to "down" styles.

Not being able to put my hair into a ponytail unless it's somewhat stretched.

Sometimes I wish I could just put my hair in a ponytail(not puff) and go. But I can't. My hair shrinks so much that it is impossible. Trust me, I've tried. Now that it's getting warm/humid out, it's getting more difficult to keep my hair stretched. I am not here for tight ponytails either, so I have to result to wearing a puff. Also, trying to get my hair in a ponytail is a work-out. I was wondering where the definition in my arms was coming from

Getting freaked out because I see a bug on the floor then realizing it's just my shed hair

My hair sheds at an average rate. But with natural hair(as you know), it curls into a little ball that sometimes confuses me. You would think I'm used to it, but no, my heart still stops from time to time when seeing my shed hair.

Waiting hours for my hair to dry
I have to wash my hair at night, which I'm sure most of us do, but by the morning my hair isn't completely dry. This is why I typically wash my hair on a Friday night because I can wait a few more hours on Saturday to take the braids out. Because I don't like using heat, even if it's just to dry my hair, this can be annoying. Damp Hair=Shrunken Hair + Hairstyle Fail I wish I could wash my hair any day of the week with no issues.
I did have issues with detangling(it taking forever), but I just decided to stop using a comb(and finger detangling) for a few months and see how my hair reacts to that. So far, so good.
That's about it. If these are my only "Natural Hair Problems" then I think I can handle this natural thing for years to come. The good still outweighs the bad :-)
What kind of issues are you having and what are you doing to combat them?

*I know the saying is "Take the good with the bad", but I like the way I say it better.


  1. Hey Ms D,

    Detangling is the bad in my journey!. My hair's been shedding so bad recently, I have decided to drop combs for awhile BUT finger-detangling can take ages..

    1. Hey Enigma! Long time :-)

      I can definitely relate. Finger detangling can take a while. I now only do it before or after I twist my hair up. Doing so afterwards makes it much easier. Also, finger detangling under running water(with conditioner in my hair) seems to have worked well for me.

  2. Now I am not natural so I will not pretend to understand the struggle LOL, but I know just detangling my NG after a good relaxer stretch is a beast. Truthfully, not to trivialize your issues, but I thought this post was going to be worse. I completely agree with you, if this is your worst list of complaints then I think you're doing pretty good!!!

    1. Lol. Oh man, I forgot about those detangling sessions during a relaxer stretch. The tough part about that was being extra careful at the demarcation line.
      Haha...yeah, it's not so bad. Just a few things that bother me from time to time.

      Hope all is well btw :-)


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