Friday, October 10

Same Ol'

Hey Hey Hey!!! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week!
Just wanted to pop in and give a brief update on my hair.
I haven't been doing much since I removed the twists. Just bunning, twists(with my own hair) and puffs.
I still wash/deep condition weekly and moisturize/seal 5-6 times a week. Now after washing, I blow-dry my hair while in twists or braids(whichever way I set my hair) because I don't want to sleep with wet hair.
I decided to hold-off on the poetic justice braids. I think I will do those once it gets really cold out. So for now, I am just enjoying my loose(well sometimes) hair.
Here are a few ways I have been rocking my hair.

The Signature Puff 
The Signature Twists