Thursday, July 13

3 Things I Haven't Done As a Natural- 4C Natural Hair

natural hair shrinkage being blow dried and flat ironed
1.) Straighten My Hair- Can you believe that the last time I have seen my hair straight was in 2011?! Every year I tell myself that I will straighten my hair in the Fall or Winter, but I never muster the courage or energy to do it. I'm either worried I will get heat damage, too lazy to do it or just feel

Monday, July 10

Cornrow Styles for Women: Summer Protective Styles

Summer is officially here and the last thing most of us want to do is to style our hair daily. This is when Protective Styling comes in handy. Protective Styles are the best way to give your hair a break while keeping it healthy and cute at the same time. One of the quickest and easiest protective styles to do is cornrows.

Here are a few cornrow styles that I have been loving lately: 

Beyonce's "Lemonade" Braids. Let's face it, Beyonce has been the (celebrity)queen of braids for a while now. She has been rocking them, on and off, since she came on the scene. I have been seeing this particular style being replicated EVERYWHERE and for good reason. These are beautiful yet classy at the same time and go with any outfit! 
beyonce lemonade cornrow style

Friday, July 7

6 Do's and Don'ts to Maintain or Grow Your Edges

4c natural hair full edges slicked back with edge control

DO tie your hair down with a satin or silk scarf at night
DON'T tie it too tight. Also, steer clear of bonnets with the rubber, stretchy perimeter. 

DO massage your scalp
DON'T do it too often(daily) or massage too vigorously. You could cause more harm than good. 

Tuesday, July 4

Poll Time: What Do YOU Want to Read?

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