Monday, January 8

Loc Journey: Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists- Week 1 Update

My go-to style

Hey Y'all! If you follow me on Instagram(hint hint), you would have seen that I redid my first set of locs. I know it may seem crazy that I did it already, but I have my reasons.

1.) They were way too small.

Friday, January 5

Loc Journey: Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists- Week 1

Hello and Happy New Year! Let me get straight to the point. I have decided to loc my hair! I have been thinking about doing this for a while now. After watching a hundred(literally) videos on Youtube and doing some research, I am ready to begin this journey. Because I was primarily wearing my hair in twists, the transition to locs shouldn't be too difficult for me. 

Here are the details on how I started: 

Wednesday, October 18

Quick Hair Update: Still In Twists

4C Natural Hair Afro

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well!

I just wanted to give a quick update on my hair. Long story short, it's still in twists with my own hair.

Friday, September 1

Loose Twists Styles and Regimen - 4C Natural Hair

I've had these twists in my hair for almost two weeks now. I would like to keep them in a little longer, but I really want to do a Henna/Indigo treatment and my hair needs to be loose for that.

I don't do much in terms of styling. I really like to french roll the back of the twists and keep the front pushed to the right side. Because I like that style so much, I jazz it up with some hair jewelry, beads and a shell. I have also been wearing a lot of scarves and "loc socs".

Here is a collage of some of the ways I style the twists.