Monday, June 26

The Puff 6 Ways - 4C Natural Hair

It's pretty obvious that the puff is my favorite natural hair style. It's so easy to do, can be worn in any occasion and it can be styled in many ways.

Here are 5 different ways that I've styled my puff:

Puff Style #1: The picked-out puff :  This was originally a picked-out afro that was turned into a puff. I was looking to have big hair that night and the only way to achieve it was by picking out my hair.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Puff Style #2: The Vacation Puff-  I love flower accessories, especially in the Summer. Now, it wasn't Summer where I live, but it's Summer year-round in the Islands. I purchased this flower headband at H&M specifically for my trip to St. Lucia. I loved the look, but will probably wear it pushed back more next time. Tan lines on the forehead are NOT cute! lol 

Puff Style #3: The Afro-Centric Puff- I purchased this tribal print Gambian fabric on Etsy a long time ago. I loved the color and design, but never had a chance to wear it much(because of work and stuff).  I figured this Reggae Festival I went to would be the perfect time to rock it plus it matched my earrings. 

Wednesday, June 21

Salon Visit Tips - Weave, Wigs or Braids Installations

Are you tired of doing your own hair and want to visit a salon to get your weave, wig or braids installed? We all need a break from time to time and that's what salons are here for. Just make sure you exercise due-diligence when searching for a salon and before booking an appointment. Look at reviews, go in for a consultation and ask opinions of past and present clients.

Visiting a salon for the first time can sometimes be nerve wrecking especially if you're typically a do-it-yourselfer. So if you're nervous about your hair health, here are some tips: 

  • Wash and deep condition before the visit: Many salons ,who specialize in these types of protective styles, prefer for you to come with your hair already washed. Washing and drying hair adds to the time of the service and their goal is to finish your hair as quick as possible.  Having a clean scalp and strong hair is essential when wearing a protective style. So when washing your hair, make sure you do a light protein deep conditioner afterwards to strengthen your strands. *If you do end up getting your hair washed at the salon, ask to deep condition afterwards.*

Sunday, June 18

Review : Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask

What they say: Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask. This is blend with aloe vera juice and is infused with pure coconut water. Made with 100% aloe juice as first ingredient. It contains no parabens, no gluten, no SLS, no sulfated surfactants and no synthetic dye. This is vegan.
  • Moisturized strands, mended split ends and a healthy glow with every use.
  • Creamy shea butter is whipped into this hydrating deep conditioning mask along with rich coconut and macadamia oils to help deeply quench, nourish and soften to get hair back to looking healthy.
  • Feel good about looking beautiful.
  • Wholesome beauty.

Friday, June 16

Yarn Braids- Pros and Cons

I have installed yarn braids two more times since this last post. I love the look and it's probably one of my favorite protective styles thus far.

I have decided to come up with a Pros and Cons list for anyone thinking about trying the style. 


  • Inexpensive - One pack of  Jumbo Yarn cost $5.98. For me, this was good for about two installations. A regular size pack of yarn cost $1.98 which I used as a highlight(red highlights) and this lasted two installations as well. 
  • Natural Looking - Compared to box braids with synthetic hair, I feel as yarn braids look much more natural. They aren't as shiny and the texture feels more "real".  Many people think these look like locs and I can see why. 

Friday, June 9

Be Back Soon

"We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has changed, and that changes everything" - Jonah Lehrer

Horseback riding on the beach in St. Lucia

Hey my lovely people! I'm going on a mini vacation so posting will slow down for a bit. I'll be back soon though...I promise :-) You can find me on Instagram or Twitter in the meantime. :-)

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Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 7

Hair Crush: Kelly Rowland

Has anyone seen how beautiful Kelly Rowland looked at Beyoncé's push party?! If not, take a look below. She looked absolutely gorgeous which inspired me to make this post. Gone are the days of Kelly's signature short cut and she now switches up her hair regularly.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Kelly Rowland turning heads at Beyoncé's push party rocking a cute braided bun.