About 6-Foot-Long-Hair

Do you want to learn more about hair and how to keep it healthy?
Is your hair relaxed?
Are you transitioning?
Are you natural?
Do you have excessive hair breakage issues?
Has your hair been the same length for years?
Do you have trouble thinking of different hairstyles?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then 6FOOTLONGHAIR is where you need to be.

6-Foot-Long-Hair was started by Ms. D in an attempt to educate women on healthy hair care practices for relaxed and natural hair. You will find information on how to prevent breakage, product reviews, hair styles and many more on 6FOOTLONGHAIR.

More about Ms. D
I am a 20-something college graduate and now working professional with a passion for hair.
Hair has always been one of my many passions(more specifically doing hair). The only difference now, is that I am all about learning and practicing healthy black hair care. I research all the time and think it's time I write down my findings and share them all with you.
I have been relaxed for many years, transitioned for 15.5 months and am now natural. Stay tuned for this exciting journey! 

Where does the name 6-FOOT-LONG-HAIR Come from?
Simple-I am 6ft tall, I love hair and I like the sound of 6-Foot rather than 6-Feet-Long-Hair

Ms. D's Hair Comparison Pictures

Oct. 2009, Oct.2010, Oct.2011

           July 2009, Sept.2010, Sept 2011

2 Year Hair Comparison 

May 2009 

May 2011

Big Chop:

Newly Natural- 16 Months Post Relaxer: 

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