Monday, December 1

Hair Update

Hey Y'all!!! How are you? Hope everyone is doing wonderful!
I know, it's been a lonngggg time. I think this is the longest I've been away and I hope to never go that long again.
Anyway, just wanted to come by and give a brief update on my hair.
There hasn't been any changes in my regimen. It's been pretty consistent. I am using Shea-butter a lot more now though. I'm pretty much over commercial hair products and Shea-butter has been working perfectly fine for me for all these years. I wash/deep condition weekly and still only finger detangle.

 I wore my hair in twists(large and small) for about a month.  I will never do small(not quite mini) twists again. They took 5 hours to install and like 2 to remove. 

 I wore my hair in the signature puff amongst other puff styles. 

I just tried to switch it up a little. 

How's your hair doing? Any changes for the Winter?

Moisture is my BFF this Winter. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!