Thursday, August 25

The Beautiful Aaliyah- Re-Post

How could I have a Hair Blog and NOT post something on Aaliyah. I swear her hair was always on point. She was a beautiful woman inside and out.

~RIP Aaliyah~
Today marks the 10th anniversary of her death, so I had to re-post this!!!

For all of you Beyonce fans, take a look at her interviewing Aaliyah. They both look beautiful. Especially Aaliyah. I love jet black hair and I like the color on the tips. Anyway, enjoy!

If anyone can find me an article on Aaliyah speaking about her hair, let me know! I would love to post it. I see alot of people speaking about her regimen, but I never see her actually speaking about it.

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  1. She definitely had awesome hair...always looks so stylish!

  2. I used to always try to mimic whatever style she was rocking and because of this I have a litany of pictures with a swooping bang covering one eye. I miss her music. Gone too soon.

  3. @ Mrs. Pancakes- I agree!!
    @ Nini- haha..I remember when she had that swooping band everrrybody ended up having one too.
    I miss her music too, but she def. left some classics.

  4. God she was my idol growing up. Inside and out from head to toe...truly missed.


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