Friday, May 14

Braids, Braids, Braids!

It's almost that time for braids. I usually braid my hair 8 weeks post relaxer to help me stretch the relaxer to at least 3 months.
I use Kanekalon hair and boil the ends to ensure the braids don't unbraid and give the hair a smooth look.
I do my own braids, always have and always will.
That way, I know they won't be too tight and done the way I want.

Here are my Tips for Braids:

Do a light protein treatment 2-3 days before braiding hair. This will make your hair stronger and prepare it for the braids

If your hair is relaxed, wait at least 4 weeks post relaxer to put braids in. The more new growth the better

Don't keep the braids in longer than 8 weeks. Your hair may begin to Matte

Don't get the braids done too tight- the traction will destroy your hair line

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize- Spray hair at least twice a day with a braid spray- I use African Pride.
You need to make sure your hair is moisturized to prevent breakage and damage.

Keep that scalp clean- Either wash with a diluted shampoo, once every 2 weeks or clean scalp with witch hazel and a q-tip

Sleep with a silk or satin scarf tied around your braids at night to keep them smooth, frizz and lint free

If you relax, wait at least 2 weeks after removing braids for a touch-up- Let your hair breathe!

I'm trying something new with the hair I use. Sometimes my scalp begins to itch as soon as I braid my hair and I heard it's because of the Alkaline base on the hair. Here's what I will be doing:

REMOVING THE ALKALINE BASE-You have an option to take the alkaline base off the Kanekalon hair by soaking the extended hair in vinegar and water. A sink full of water, 1 cup of regular vinegar. Soak 15 minutes, rinse, air dry.

Here are a few links on how to care for braids:

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  1. Hi Ms. D, can you explain what alkaline base is?

  2. Sure. It's a coating that most hair manufacturers put on synthetic hair such as Kanekalon. I think its to keep the hair shiny. I will have to research to find out why. Many people have an allergic reaction to the coating which is why their hair itches alot after putting on a wig, weave and extentions.

  3. Good to know, thanks!

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  5. I am one of those people who had an allergic reaction to the marley synthetic twist hair. It was horrible! My scalped itched constantly for 7 days. On the 8th night I wake up with my forehead, scalp, and neck on feeling like it was on FIRE! I immediately began to take out the hair and alot of my hair came out along with it. It literally ate the ends of my hair up. My hair is so much thinner now than it was before I decided to try twists. I ended up cutting it down it a length that is healthy looking. I'm happy with the short crop cut. It's all good!

  6. @ Anonymous- Aww I'm sooo sorry to hear that happened. I'm glad you are happy with the crop cut. Health is so much better than length!


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