Sunday, May 9

My Products :)

I decided to perform an inventory check on all of the hair products I currently use. Relax a little, this is going to be a looong list.'s my list of hair products.

Shampoo: Organix- Cherry Blosson Ginseng Shampoo
                 Dr. Woods Black Soap with Shea Butter

Conditioner: Mane n Tail - Deep Moisturizing Conditioner
Deep Conditioner: ORS Replenishing Conditioner
Aubrey Organics White Chamalia Conditioner
Giovanni Direct Leave-in

Oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hempseed Oil, Castor Oil

Moisturizer- African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer mixed with Glycerin
Gel(for buns)- 100% Aloe Vera Gel, IC Fantasia Gel, Eco-Styler

Porosity Conditioner: Roux Porosity Conditioner, Apple Cider &Vinegar with Distilled Water

Mild Protein Reconstructer: Mendex
Relaxer- ORS Olive Oil Relaxer- Lye

Henna- Reshma Henna

* That should be all, I may have missed a few. I will speak more about each product and the benefits to my hair as time passes*


  1. Hi, This blog is very helpful and your hair looks good too. My hair is short now but I'm hoping to eventually get it to your length. I was wondering when and why do you use the clarifying shampoo and porosity conditioner?

  2. Thank you. I'm just getting started! :-)
    I'm sure your hair will get to my length in no time.
    I am going to post separate entries on the clarifying shampoo and porosity conditioner.
    Way too long to post as a comment.


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