Tuesday, May 18

My Protective Styles

I swear, stretching a relaxer takes so much patience. I'm a little over 7 weeks post and my new growth is starting to get a little tough to handle. This is why I can't wait to braid my hair. For a whole month, I don't have to deal with all that new growth. I plan to stretch until September, which will be about 5 months from my last touch-up.
In the mean time, I have to do a whole lot of protective styling to get me through. See, I'm also not using heat until September. No direct or indirect heat, so all I really can do is protective style.
I just make sure to moisturize and seal  my roots and ends twice a day.  *Trying to avoid as much breakage as possible*

Here are a few pics of my different protective styles. *Yay, my camera cord came in, so this is the last post with camera pics. Well, unless I take a real cute one with my phone*



My fav, braids!

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