Tuesday, June 8


I love buns. They are a great protective style. Now, some people think they look boring, but there are so many ways to dress up a bun. I also think a plain ol' regular bun looks good at times. I wanted to dig up some bun styles that I may try in the future.  I would prefer to try them with my real hair, but I wouldn't mind putting a piece on for special occasions.

A few pointers about Bunning:
  • Don't make the buns too tight
  • Try to use bobby pins or elastics without metal
  • Make sure to moisturize ends (shoot, I moisturize my ends and roots)
  • To lay edges down- put a little moisturizer(or water) and alcohol free gel on edges then tie down with silk/satin scarf for 15-30 min.
  • Do not sleep in your bun- if you do, make sure it's very loose

* Sorry, couldn't get back pics of a lot*

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