Tuesday, June 1

Going Swimming?

 Even though I have braids, I was still concerned with my hair after going swimming. So, before I went in the pool, I sprayed my braids with my braid spray mix(will explain in another post). When I got out I put some diluted conditioner all through my braids and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes then I washed it out. I tried not to manipulate them too much because I wanted my braids to stay neat. So after rinsing,  I layed my edges down with some Aloe Vera Gel, sprayed my hair with the braid spray, put my braids in a bun, then wrapped them with a Silk Scarf.
I used conditioner opposed to Shampoo because honestly, I didn't bring any shampoo with me and didn't feel like searching for the right one.

They have a few shampoos made for swimmers to protect the hair from chlorine, but I'll have to research it a little more before I offer any suggestions.

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