Sunday, June 13

Took the Braids Out! (updated)

I broke my hair schedule and took my braids out last night. My plans fell through and I was itching to take them out for a while, so I went ahead and took them out. I had them in for a complete 3 weeks. I am now 11 weeks post relaxe. Never kept braids in for such a short period of time before. They usually stay in for a month the least. I'm happy I took them out though, my hair can breath. When taking them out I noticed some slight matting. If I were to wait any longer, de-tangling would have been a..u know what.

A Few Pointers for Removing Braids:

Make sure braids(your hair) are well moisturized before taking out - Spray your braids with braid spray or something very moisturizing before removing. When I took my braids out, my hair was sooo moisturized and felt pretty healthy. I give credit to the regular moisturizing I did ever day and before braid removal.

Detangle your hair with fingers after removing each braid- This way you can remove some shed hair and avoid tangles when combing hair

Make sure all shed hair is removed before washing- Same as above. You don't want to battle serious tangles while washing hair. It's a pain!

Here are some pics of what my hair looked like after taking the braids out and slightly detangling.

*Sorry about the bad quality pic. You should get an idea of what my hair looked like though. My hair is shaped like a V, kinda..more like a U.

The line is my goal for December. You think I can make it?

I'm deep conditioning my hair right now. Washed it earlier this AM 
Here's what I did after I took my braids out:

Day of
Gently detangled with a comb and tried to remove as much shed hair as possible
oiled new-growth

Day After
Deep Conditioned
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Applyed Leave-in Conditioner
Put a little shea mix on ends
Braid hair in one braid
Wrap with Scarf

Organix: Cherry Blossom Shampoo- Sulfate Free
Herbal Essence: Intensive Blend Conditioner
ORS Hair Mayonaise - Deep Conditioner Treatment
Herbal Essence: Long Term Relationship Leave- in
Shea Butter mixed with Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil

Results: Very soft and moisturized hair- maybe a little too soft. Let's see how my hair is in a few days.

Damp hair with product in:

Hmmm....My schedule was to braid my hair 2 weeks after taking out these braids....wondering if I should still do that/ So much to think of haha.
Dusting the thin ends little by litte!

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