Tuesday, August 24

Hair Update

If you remember, about 2 weeks ago I relaxed my hair with Silk Elements Mild Lye Relaxer. It was so underprocessed that it didn't even feel or look like I relaxed my hair. I did two things wrong. I didn't leave the relaxer in long enough and I didn't apply enough relaxer to my hair. I was 5 months post so the new-growth I was dealing with was ridiculous.
I got to the point where I couldn't wait 6-8 weeks for another touch-up and for the simple fact that the relaxer didn't take at all...I decided to relax my hair again yesterday. I did a mild protein treatment last week and my hair was in good condition to do so. I do not suggest this to anyone else...but its something I felt I needed to do.
When I did my relaxer, I followed the same steps as before, but this time I kept it on/smoothed it out for 15-20 minutes.
Although it processed a lot better then before, I was still a little underprocessed. I ended up texlaxing my hair(think of a texturizer, its just relaxing but for a shorter time to leave texture in your hair). I believe I came out texlaxed because I used a mild relaxer opposed to regular and I had 5 months of newgrowth.
My hair/newgrowth may not be completely straight, but its so much easier to manage now.
My next relaxer will be in December, by then I hope to be full arm pit length.
I will not be using any direct or indirect heat in my hair as well, so sorry ya'll...no straight hair pics until then..unless I change my mind which I do a lot. The above pic is of my hair damp and airdrying(of course)
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Just so you can see the difference from last week to this week. Here are pics..the first one is 8-17 and the second is 8-24.  Both pics are airdryed hair.


  1. Wow, your hair is looking good girl!!!

  2. Your hair looks thick, healthy and beautiful at this length!
    I think you're doing everything right and it shows. I'm sure
    your hair experience will help someone else for sure!


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