Monday, September 20

Couldn't Hang

Brief Update: So, I ran a 5K yesterday and before I even ran it, I knew my braids would look a hot mess when the race was complete. So, on Saturday I took them out. Thank goodness I did, because it was so hot out yesterday and I was sweating like a pig when the race was over. haha.

When I got home:
  • I prepooed in Sections(put my hair in 6 braids and saturated them with conditioner mixed with Hemp Seed Oil) for 1 hour
  • After rinsing them out, I shampooed....still in sections.
  • Then DC'd in sections with ORS Hair Mayo for 2 hours with a shower cap and a turban towel over it
  • Rinsed out and applied my leave-ins and so forth
As you can see doing my hair in sections, is my new thing!

Here's my hair today...just a braid in the front and pulled back in a bun..I'm having a hard time laying down my's like whatever I not working. Hoping to figure something out tonight.
I think I will be doing cornrows again this weekend...who knows though..if I nipped the tangling and knots issues in the bud then I may not want/need to braid my hair up


  1. Ran a 5k? You go girl, I'm too lazy for that! The braid in front looks cute.


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