Tuesday, September 28

Itchy Scalp?

For hair to grow, we need a healthy foundation, that being the scalp. Having an itchy scalp is not only annoying(trust me I know) but it causes damage as well. I don't usually suffer from itchy scalp, but for those who do, here are a few tips that I researched that may or I hope will help.

First thing first is to look at your diet. What we eat not only affects our overall health, but our skin(scalp). Cut back on sugary foods, fried food and drink plenty of water. Focus on eating more fruit and veggies and even adding yogurt to your snack list.

Here are a few other remedies I researched on-line

1) Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus oil - Add some tea tree or Eucalyptus oil to either your shampoo, conditioner or even mix with your favorite oil to apply to your scalp. Only add about 4-5 drops though. Or you can purchase Tea Tree Shampoo like from Paul Mitchel or Hair-One(Sulfate free)You can find Tea Tree Oil in any Vitamin Shop or in the vitamin section of your local pharmacy.

2) Apple Cidar Vinegar Rinse- This not only helps with the porosity of the hair, but I read that it also helps sooth the scalp from the horrible itchies. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cidar vinegar to 2 cups of water and as your final rinse, pour on/through your scalp then slightly rinse off. I do this probably about once or every other week which may be why my scalp rarely itches

3) Sulfur 8- The Main purpose of Sulfur 8 is to help with dandruff. I have used this and it helped with that. But it also helps with itchy scalp.One of the reasons why Sulfur is so great for hair growth is because it has some sort of antimicrobial feature and in order for hair to grow, we need a clean scalp. Only caution- Stop use one week before and after a relaxer.

4) Dandruff Shampoos- such as Head and Shoulders and Neutrogena T Gel

Last but not least- VISIT your Dermatologist. If nothing you do seems to work...you have to see a doctor to help solve this extremely annoying issue.

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