Wednesday, November 10

Tips for Salon Goers

I know a few people who don't feel comfortable washing and styling their own hair, so they rely on their Stylist for the healthy hair they would like.
Here are a few tips for those who go to Salons on a normal basis.

1) Pre-poo your hair the night before going to the salon- Meaning Apply Oils or your fav conditioner mix to your hair from root to tip. By doing this, you are preparing your hair from the drying ingredients in whatever shampoo they may use

2) Lightly Detangle Your hair while you have the pre-poo in your hair- I say to do this, because at times, some stylists can be rough when combing your hair. When you detangle it yourself, you can avoid major hair loss while at the salon

3) If needed, bring your own products- Sometimes the Salon does not have what works well for our hair. For instance a lot of salons I have gone to do not use Porosity Control. If the one you go to doesn't and your hair is porous, bring one and ask for them to use it as a final rinse. If you have a particular Deep Conditioner that works well on your hair, bring it. If they are using a shampoo that you feel like is stripping your hair and you have a sulfate free one you like, bring it. Don't be afraid to use your own products.

4) SPEAK UP!- If something is being done to your hair that you do not like, speak up. IT'S YOUR HAIR! You have to live with it, not them. You are paying for a service that should be done to your liking!

5) Take Care of your hair in between visits- Wrap your hair at night and make sure to moisturize and seal. Just because you went to the salon does not mean your hair does not need to be taken care of during the week.

6) Make sure you still maintain your Protein and Moisture Balance- This is important in having healthy hair especially for those who relax. What I suggest before doing a deep conditioning treatment at the salon, ask them to do use a 2 minute Reconstructer in your hair first. Or just speak to your stylist if you believe you need protein and see what they may suggest.
(Go into the search field and type Protein to see my other posts on Protein)

7) For a Touch-up always base your scalp and coat previously relaxed ends with oil or vaseline- Some salons don't do this and this will help with burning and overlapping/overprocessing.

If there is anything anyone thinks I may have missed, feel free to let me know!
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