Wednesday, December 15

2011 Hair Goals- Updated

As the year comes to an end I have several goals for 2011. Every year I would like to see some kind of improvement in my life, progress is necessary.  I have career goals, personal goals and of course some hair goals. Last year I didn't really have any hair goals so I don't have anything to go back to...but for this year I have a list of goals I will strive to achieve.

So here they are:

1) Reach Full APL by end of January 2011- Made it in May
2) Have Thick Hair from Root to Tip- Basically I will  maintain Full APL by my 2 year Hair Journey Date (May 22, 2011), So I  will cut off 1/2 inch every month until the end of May- I did make full and somewhat thick APL by May
3) Relax NO MORE than 4 times a year- Relaxed 4 times this year
4) Spend NO MORE than $300 lets make that $500 for the year on hair products- I will be tracking this-Yeah right! Don't think I made this goal. But I will tally up my posts and see what I come up with
5) Limit amount of Products- hmmm I think I may have more products than last year
6) Come up with more creative hair styles- I will track this on my blog too :-) - Didn't do, but there is always next year.
7) Only Wear MY hair (No weave, braids, half wigs)- Wore single braids and cornrows with extentions. What can I say, they help me retain length
8) Become my own Stylist- No Salon Visits- Went to the salon twice. Both were complete fails!
9) Reach BSL by December 2011- I don't think I made this goal, but length check will be on Dec. 23 or 30th
10) Make this the last year I actively grow my hair out. My main goal is to be BSL so I will maintain that for years to come- This IS my last year trying to grow my hair out regardless the length I end up with

* Pic is of me January 1, 2010


  1. How about adding "hair confidence" to the list?! It looks like you have gorgeous hair, so embrace its natural style...

    Enjoy the last few weeks of 2010, I can't believe it's almost a whole new year!

    Katie for Ouidad

  2. @ Katie- Thank you! Although, I already have hair confidence :-) As with everything else, I just have certain goals I would like to achieve.

    Thanks for stopping by :-D

  3. Horray! Hope you enjoy the holidays and have a very, very happy new year! :-)

    Keep us updated on your goals! I especially like #4 & #7... a true show of hair confidence!

    Katie for Ouidad

  4. Thanks, Katie. Hope you enjoy your Holidays and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR as well!


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