Monday, January 24

I Walked Out

I got a touch-up at 16.5 weeks post relaxer. (Sorry no pics yet, this post is really so I can document my hair and I need someone to take a pic of the back of my hair so I can see the length.)

I went to a professional because of my bad experiences self-relaxing and everyone and their momma(even my momma) said I shouldn't do it myself.
 I went to the same lady I went to in April, but for some reason..things did not go as smoothly as I wanted them to.

The night before relaxing, I based my scalp really well and I applyed castor oil to my relaxed ends. I had to base my scalp myself because last time I went to her, she said because we are using a mild basing is necessary. What kind of ish is that? But whatever..she did an okay job last time so I was confident to see her again..
When I went to the salon, she said the relaxer might not take because my hair was too greasy...I didn't care too much for the statement and asked her to relax anyway.

To make a long story short, after applying the relaxer, she kept combing the relaxer through my new-growth. I asked her not to do that and smooth the relaxer with her hands instead. She didn't listen to me. I saw a lot  of relaxer on my already relaxed ends(thank goodness I put oil on it) and I told her to only do the new-growth.  I timed the whole process myself and she had the relaxer on my head for 25 minutes, in my opinion..thats 3 minutes too long. I told her my scalp was burning(which it wasn't) and asked her to wash it out. She said, no..that's too short of a time and sprayed some oil sheen on parts I said were burning. 6 minutes later I can tell my hair was straight and ask her to wash it out...she asked me to wait. I said, NO WASH MY HAIR OUT NOW.
She neutralized it like 3 times..then put some more neutralizer in my hair...then I got up, paid her half the price and left.

*I'm a client/ listen to the customer needs and wants because this is a PAID service.  This is MY hair..I have to walk around with it..NOT HER! I was not going to let her continue doing my hair. Not at all! I don't care how over dramatic I may seem, but when using a chemical in my hair..I'm real serious about it

When I got home:
*I rinsed out the neutralizer
*did a 2 minute protein reconstructer
*then I neutralized one more time
* did a moisturizing Deep Conditioner then an Apple Cider and Vinegar rinse
*Applied Aphogee Keratin Leave-in then a creamy leav-in
*Detangled( I lost a whole lot of hair-some shed, some broken)
*then did a Pony Tail Roller set- 6 ponytails in my hair and added 2 rollers to each section)
*When I took the rollers out, ( clipped an inch off each section)
*Wrapped my hair then went back under the dryer
*didn't like how it looked so I did 4 bantu-knots on dry hair

*I used Silk Elements Mild Lye Relaxer and I added a teaspoon of castor oil to it to help with the burning.
The relaxer took pretty well. I do have some underprocessed areas in the back(which is ironic because she started from the back) but I'm okay with it.

I will now only self-relax with the assistance of my mother.  Next relaxer is in 4-5 months.
This experience really had me wanting to cut off all my hair and just go natural..but it's not my time yet.


  1. So sorry to hear about your bad experience. This is why stylists get a bad name, they are so convinced that they are right because they went to beauty school or have been doing hair for X years. Well I (we) have spent so many hours researching on the internet and learning about our own hair, we know just as much or in some cases more than they do. If I were you, I'd put her name out there, people where you live need to know that she obviously does not care about her customers and her behavior warrants not just a loss of your business, but other people's as well. Its so sad that some people only care about the end result of a salon visit and not the process it took to get that result. If they only knew what we know their hair would be so much better off. Better luck next time :).

  2. aww hun, so sorry about your experience. I'm a firm believer in DIY after my last experience with a 'stylist' also. Keep your chin up I'm sure your hair still looks awesome!!

  3. I always used to textlax my own hair to avoid such scenarios.

    Once she said you shouldn't base you scalp, you should have run for the hills!

  4. @ Mrs. T- I agree with you 110% which is why I was hesitant to even go to a salon. I wish that I could find a stylist that cares about healthy hair care as much as us, but that's a dime a dozen.
    I also agree with you on letting others in my area know about this salon, I will change my post shortly. Thanks for stopping by :-)

    @ Tola- Thanks, Girl! I'm def. going to be a permanent DIY now.

    @ PrettyDarkThing- Now I know why most take hair care in their own hands. I don't think I will ever trust another stylist with my hair.
    I know, I should have ran for the hills. Luckily I always base my scalp on my own before visiting the salon.

  5. hey i'm new to your blog,,,

    sorry about the experience...that is the main reason I do my OWN.HAIR. I visited several salons and most beauticians seemed to only do big, high, hard hair...none of them seemed to concentrate on healty hair...

    I feel your pain...I just take my time learn as much as I lots and pray for the best...

    good luck to you...glad I found your blog

    Dee in san diego

  6. @ Dee- Welcome! :-D
    I agree..Most beauticians only care about the end result. We end up being the best stylist for ourselves.
    That's great advise! Learn, read and pray!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I am new to your blog so this a mad late respond to this post. I applaud you for walking out! You go This is why I am having my mother relax my hair from now on. She did it for me when I was a kid and it thrived. Since I have started going to salons it has just died...

  8. @ Addy- haha...thank you.
    That's good that you're mother is relaxing your hair going forward, I'm sure she has the BEST interest for your hair.
    I refuse to go back to a salon after that experience.
    Thanks for stopping by! :-D


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