Monday, January 10

Single Braids and Cornrows with NO Extentions

I'm pretty sure you're all sick of seeing so many braids in my last few posts, but I have just one more to show.
I am 2 days shy of being 15 weeks post relaxer and I just felt like I needed to give my hair a break of daily styling. I put some single braids in the back of my hair which took about 3.5 hours, then I got tired of doing them and stuck some cornrows in the front which took a half hour.  These aren't the cutest, which I know..but it will give my hair a little break.

Additional Info
*These will be left in for about 1 week.
*Daily Maintenance- Spray them 3 times daily with African Pride/Olive Miracle Anti-breakage Braid Sheen Spray(Smells soooo good)
* Maybe Co-wash after Work-outs
*Before taking these out, I will wash and deep condition my hair then let them dry...I will then remove braids after so my newgrowth can be stretched out for the next week.

                      Just took them out of a bun. Dang relaxed hair makes them look so sparse and thin!

                                                      Look at my side-burns..haha!
When I got to the front, I got real lazy..I have one big dookie cornrow in the middle, but I could care less at this moment
I keep them clipped up or I will put them in a bun. Just keeping my ends tucked away

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