Monday, January 3

Solange Knowles- Braids

I love how Solange always comes with something different. That's the joy and beauty of "Our" hair!
When I first saw this pic..I wasn't wowed, now I am absolutely loving it. The Scarf is just another added touch! Both BeyoncĂ© and Solange look gorgeous!

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  1. I like solange hair, its different. I also like the turban too. Beyonce does look nice but she always play it safe with her looks.

  2. Something about Solange makes it seem like she tries too hard to be "different." The braids look nice though.

  3. I absolutely love Solange Hair and her whole look. in fact I couldn't disagree with you more @ GJ Solange look seems effortless and actually not that different at all, she young and beautiful great figure so she can pull of any look.... Miss Simone xxx

  4. I've always loved her style. I'm trying these braids for winter


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