Friday, January 28

Still Not...

Arm Pit Length, but I am happy with my hair regardless.

                                         November 4, 2010                     January 28, 2011

I went through my blog and noticed that I "dusted " my ends 3 times since November. I also trimmed off about 1inch after my last touch-up. I may have cut off all of my progress from the last 3 months, but those ends needed to go. I now plan on dusting every 8 weeks and doing search and destroys(where I cut off any split ends) every month. I'm not too worried about reaching Full Arm Pit Length anymore. I just want healthy, thick hair.

To retain as much length as possible, I will do protective styles (buns, french rolls with hair sticks) during the week and if I want to wear my hair down, I will just do braid-outs or bantu-knot outs. No direct heat until my goal is reached!

                                                                          my hair today

my hair last Saturday


  1. You're getting there.

    Honestly when I textlaxed in a little less than 3 years I got to nearly midback and I never ever wore my hair out, and maybe that helped. When I say never I mean I never wore it out except maybe once or twice a year I got a blowout and wore it out for a week or so. But that was it, I used and still only use bobby pins and keep my hair pinned.

    I think this technique even though it's boring helps a lot and has helped me get to lengths faster even as a natural now.

    I'm just suggesting, that maybe updos should be your friend.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Pretty Dark Thing.
    I am big on updos and probably wear my hair out typically twice a month. I may go on a personal "pin my hair up" challenge for 3 months were I don't wear my hair down at all.


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