Tuesday, February 8


If you haven't noticed by now, I love curly hair.Even when I frequently wore weaves in the past, they were always curly . So, I decided to try out some Flexi-Rods for a looser curl. They didn't turn out that great, but this was my first try with flexi-rods. Next time, I'm sure it will be better.

Started off with freshly washed, damp, detangled hair (put in leave-ins and sealed with EVOO)

Put in about 8 flexi rods while hair was still damp using medium sections of my hair

 Kept in overnight

Took out in the AM and just played with it until I got my desired look


  1. Super cute, I have flexirods, but they're small, I think I need the bigger ones you have.

  2. Thanks, Ladies!!! :0)

    @ MrsT- I actually want to try the smaller ones for more of a spiral curl. I think those are great for those.

  3. I like the look... CUTE
    I use the smaller blue ones but I use them for my braid outs..Gotta get bigger ones...

    Dee in san Diego

  4. It came out cute! I still haven't tried a flexi-rod set.

  5. @ Miss K- Thank you! I think they would look great on you, judging by your other styles :-)


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