Wednesday, February 2

Protective Styling Challenge

  Because this is my last year actively growing out my hair, I would like to retain as much length as possible. In order for me to do so, I need to protect my ends. Protective styles work well for me. I don't do tight ponytails/buns, I never use too many bobby pins(2 the most) and my ends stay moisturized all day long.

So, as a challenge to myself. I will be protective styling my hair until my next touch-up, May 21st. This won't be too hard for me because I rarely wear my hair out, but in order for me to stick to something hard-core, I need to document it.

My Rules Are:
  1. I must change the position of bun or clip every week- do not want to cause a lot of tension in the same spot
  2. Utilize Hair Sticks at least one week out of the month- I have so many, so it's time I use them more often, and these don't cause any breakage on my hair at all
  3. Be WAY MORE Creative- Meaning one week out of the month, I MUST do something I never have done before. And it MUST be cute. haha
  4. Allowed two passes a month to wear my hair down- too much of anything is never good. I need to let my hair breath at times. Plus, when I go out, I like my hair down. It's a personal preference
  5. Never sleep in the protective style I wore all day long- Either put my hair in 2 braids or loose bantu-knots
These are the protective styles I currently wear:

More under the hood


  1. How do you do your different updos?

    1. Sry for the late response. Now that I'm natural, I do a lot of twisted or braided updos.


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