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Vacation Hair

Going on a Vacation soon? Then keep on reading...

I was inspired to do this post  by MrsT @ Relaxed RedefinedShe had a question regarding the right time to put in braids(before or after a relaxer) for a trip she has coming up. Check out this post for the answer to that. But what stood out the most was this part of the question:

I have a question for you about getting braids. I'm going on vacation next month and as much as I don't want to, I know in order to have maintenance free, beach ready hair, I need to get braids. I don't want to because 1) I don't want to pay for them (don't have the skills to do them myself) and 2) I won't want to keep them in long after I get home.

Now, not every woman wants to get some braids like Stella..

So, I decided to look up some cheaper/easier alternatives to plain single braids for a trip. We all know that braids are the style of choice if we plan on hitting the water because they won't get messed up quickly and are very easy to maintain. But there are other styles to choose from.

Let me first start off with those that DON'T plan on swimming, jet skiing and so-forth:

For Quicker Styles, other then wearing braid-outs (straight hair may not work due to the humidity),
half wigs
 full/ lace front wigs
or even sew-ins can be done.  
If you choose sew-in's or half wigs, you can always put small braids in the front, similar to Beyonce in the below pic, using similar hair to the weave or half wig.

For those that plan on swimming/hitting the water:

 Cornrows braided up in a pony with a ponytail.
It could be a cute curly or wavy pony
and before hitting the water you would just but the pony in a braid to avoid damage.

Senegalese Twists, for those with longer hair.
These probably take a hour/hour &half less then regular single braids to do and can be maintained the same way as braids.  

Kinky Twists for those with short or medium length hair

Or you could just get some really cute corn-rows

Hope this helps anyone going on a trip.
Remember, if you have braids..before hitting the water, coat braids with some conditioner and after getting out, rinse hair with conditioner again. The after part is most important.

*I do not own rights to any of these images...all were found on Google Images

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  1. OK Ms. D, I'm def getting those kinky twists in two weeks. I love that hairstyle. Thanks for this post!

  2. That's great! I love the hairstyle too! My pleasure :-)

  3. Thanks for the post Chica! I actually decided not to go for braids after all. As your first point mentioned, I realized I'm not a water person, I can't even swim, so I know my hair won't be getting soaking wet that often while on the island. So I've decided I'm just going with braid-outs instead. It will be cheaper and easier, both before the trip and after. Thanks again for the advice, I'll be posting up some vacation hair pics on my blog when I return so you can check it out. :)

  4. You are very welcome :-) Braid-outs are a great choice! Looking forward to seeing pics! :-D

  5. Do you know anything about Brazilian Keratin Hair treatments?

  6. To honest with you, I don't know much about the BKT mainly because I was never interested in it. I have seen many mixed reviews on it though. I know the main point is to eliminate frizz and to loosen the curl pattern, but I have read horror stories of breakage and so forth. I will have to do some more research and then I will do a blog post on it.

  7. What kind of hair would u use for the twist hair

    1. Hi! Marley hair, typically most brands work well. Just make sure it is pretty kinky.


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