Wednesday, February 23

Women Spend $50,000 on Hair Over a Lifetime?

Sometimes I feel like I spend too much money on my hair. So, I was researching the average amount of money a woman spends on hair and stumbled on this article.

"According to a British survey conducted by Tresemme, the average woman spends a staggering $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime.
Each year, we spend an average of $160 on shampoos and conditioners, $120 for styling products and $520 for haircuts. And for those of us who color our locks, add in another $330 a year."

Now, I feel that Black women spend a lot more, especially those that are relaxed and non DIY's.
Even those that wear weaves, wigs and are into high end products, I feel spend more than that.

Take me for example:

I remember before my hair journey, when I was not in weaves or braids(which I always did myself)., I would visit a salon weekly.

Here are my figures:

Weekly- Wash/Deep Condition/Set- $35 including Tip
Yearly- $1,610.00
Bi-Monthly- Relaxer- $60-$70
Yearly- $420.00
Monthy- Extra Products purchased(back then I purchased only expensive products thinking they were better for my hair)- $30-$60
Yearly(using the average of $45)- $540

*Keep in mind my stylist was not that expensive

I started getting regular relaxers at the age of 19, so if I were to continue that cycle of going to the salon and buying products until I am 65, I would spend about $118,220  in a "lifetime". I would have trumped the average.

 Now that I do my own hair, and I really do not purchase expensive hair products, the most I would spend is $600/yr on my hair. So far, I calculated I spend about $40 a month on hair products. In my mind I thought that was a lot, but looking back..not bad at all. If I were to spend this amount since I was 19(when I really started relaxing my hair) I would be paying $27,600 until the age of 65.

Do You Think You will Spend $50,000 on hair over a lifetime..Or Do you think it would be Far More?


  1. Wow, those numbers are crazy! Just think if some of those visit-the-salon-weekly girls put that money in a savings account from age 19 to 65 they would have a very nice nest egg when they're ready for retirement! Now I'm going to have to add up my annual expenses, since I'm only getting a relaxer 4 times a year, I don't think the number will be too bad, but you've got me curious! :)

  2. Those numbers really are crazy. I'm just glad I realized I didn't need a salon to achieve healthy hair before it was too late.
    Hopefully, others will too and save that money for other purposes.
    I doubt your number will be too bad as well, seeing that you are mostly a DIYer.

  3. I know I want that dollar-bill bow in her hair, though. :)


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